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MUSIC REVIEWS By Chuck Diliberto
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Impressions of the Rocky Mountains
Steve Haun has created a majestic soundtrack to express his vision of the Rocky Mountains. His earliest impressions of growing up in the Rocky Mountains have served as his muse in developing these compositions. The simplicity, and raw power of nature has been motivating artists for centuries — Steve Haun has followed a similar path. 

The music is sonically orchestrated. Haun, on grand piano and synthesizers, has combined his musical dreams with a string section and natural forest sounds. The music harkens an unlimited beauty; beauty that can only be felt, not described. The notes cascade from an ethereal origin, pausing to give depth to the moment, only to continue in boundless streams of expressionary grace. The grace that comes from being emotionally moved and Spiritually touched by the mind-tingling awesomeness of Creation. 

This CD could easily be the soundtrack for an adventure movie. The music is tightly produced and exceptionally clean sounding. The orchestration leaves room for plenty of visualizations and dream sequences; an almost surreal sense permeates, heightening our senses, leading us to be captured by Steve Haun’s life and soul.

CD Baby:

In a striking, earthy blend of classical, new age and film soundtrack-like color, Steve Haun captures the mystery, drama and beauty of America's National Parks. Piano and guitar, backed by lush strings, inspire the mind and imagination in these evocative journeys through some of the most wild, pristine and fantastic natural area of our country. From the subtlety of a light rain falling to the roaring of a Rocky Mountain river, 'Impressions of America's National Parks' is a perfect album for relaxation and inspiration.
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Crossroads Music:

Steve was a finalist in the Crossroads Music Awards, Acoustic Instrumental category, for his new album! Follow this link to take a look.

CDNOW review and interview: click here to read!

Keyboardist Steve Haun is the perfect Rocky Mountain composer. His sweeping orchestral flair enraptures like a rush of cool, high-altitude wind and his rhythmic diversity fits scenes of both pastoral reflection and skiing at a hundred mph down the slopes.


Steve Haun not only writes his compositions, but also is a very gifted musician on piano and keyboards who delivers a personal message from high mountains and blue skies in Colorado, filled with warmth, soul and a spiritual sense of love and understanding!

-Abbey News, Abbey Road Distributors

Steve's compositions are majestically full and vibrant. Beautiful melodies, great musicianship and a wonderful sense of dynamics, impeccably recorded, make for a joyous and exhilarating listening experience.

-Heartsong Review

Steve Haun creates 72 minutes of "Music with Nature: Impressions of the Rocky Mountains" (SNH Productions 2001) on his lush new CD. Although the melodies are soft and gentle, there's a grandeur to the project that matches the scenery that inspired it.

-Jeff Bradley, Denver Post

A stunning instrumental CD with majestic, expansive melodies.

-The Review (Washington DC's Original Arts-News Magazine)

Due to the use of Wave Dance (audio technology), the recording takes listeners on a multi-dimensional journey of unsurpassed realism - think IMAX for the ears. The music itself transforms effortlessly from heroic themes to reflective interludes, sweeping across vast flower-studded mountain meadows to lofty snow-capped glacier peaks.

-PJ Birosik, Boulder Weekly

Opens the ears to the possibilities that lie ahead when a sound designer is really into his work - provides a dandy spiritual lift.

-Midwest Record Recap

A supra-real sense of immediacy makes this multi-dimensional release one that age is unlikely to wither nor custom stale. The brilliant sound quality owes something to Wave Dance spatial audio technology and Haun's well-studied musical and techno-mastery.

-New Age Voice

Not only does his (Steve Haun's) awe for the sweeping landscape shine through with magnificently melodic piano and keyboard expressions which build into majestic orchestral passion statements, but he lends a more natural touch of authenticity by including actual nature sounds after each musical track - it's almost as if he's giving us his own interpretation of the landscape, then letting us experience the scene as his ears first heard it.

-Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

Haun transforms effortlessly from heroic themes to reflective interludes, sweeping across vast flower studded alpine meadows, to lofty snowcapped glacier peaks.

-Accent Tampa Bay

Haun delivers a sound as big as the great outdoors, yet manages to retain a sense of warmth, intimacy and delicacy.

-Monthly Aspecatarian

Music with Nature: Impressions of the Rocky Mountains offers audiences the serene sounds of nature partnered with the drama of a symphony.

-Michelle LaBorde, Left Hand Valley Courier

Lush arrangements are interspersed with impeccable nature sounds of wildlife and the natural environment. Steve's fine piano and keyboard musicianship shines with warmth and vibrancy. The music evokes a multitude of pictures and soul-stirring impressions, all in keeping with the ambitious nature of the project. Discover this top-notch release!

-Backroads Music

Forests and birds guest in opener "Visions of Paradise" and a mighty mountain thunderstorm enlivens "Gateway to Grandeur." Crickets and the wind grace "A World in Harmony," and brooks, rivers, and waterfalls are the chorus for "Simple Abundance." Combinations of all the natural sounds appear on subsequent tracks of this epic project.

-Stacy Meyn, CDNOW


Listener Comments:

"I really can picture the Rockies when I hear it - I visualize climbers reaching the summit and seeing the stunning views from their heavenly peak - Each track brings something different to me - all of it reminds me of the most special times of our lives. That music is just magic!"
Sue Smith - England

"Steve Haun's music absolutely paints the Rockies in all their beauty."
Dee Melander - Cheyenne, WY

"Wonderful listening - a balm for heart and soul."
Janet J. Hamilton - Brighton, CO